Windshield Repair

NOVUS Glass is now located within our body shop! With NOVUS Glass we repair first, replace when necessary. It’s the affordable auto glass solution for your vehicle. Learn more about the NOVUS Glass process HERE


We take pride in quality craftsmanship and stay on top of changing technologies to ensure your windshield repair results in perfection. When you need a window replaced or a chip or crack repaired, our prices are competitive, our service is timely and our expertise is assured.

Hassle-free removal and replacement of damaged windshields at competitive rates at Kelowna Auto Body & Glass

Windshield Chip?

Why replace a windshield when you can easily repair it while saving money?

With ICBC’s Comprehensive coverage, qualifying windshield chips can be repaired:

  • Quickly and conveniently in as little as an hour
  • By trained technicians using high quality materials
  • With no impact to your deductible
  • As often as needed during your policy term

Even better, since windshields are not recyclable, you are helping the environment by keeping waste out of landfills.

Just remember, the sooner a repair is done, the better, as delays can lead to further damage making a repair not possible.

Even the smallest pits and cracks in your windshield make a significant difference in the safety of your driving experience. With excellent value and minimal time commitment, a windshield repair will restore the structural integrity of your vehicle and prevent any damage from spreading.

We promise to keep you comfortable and informed while we make your vehicle look and feel like ‘it never happened’.

Could your driving experience benefit from windshield repair? Let’s find out.

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